Never ending search for the perfect white tee...

I Finally Found My Perfect White T-Shirt

Amelia Diamond


The best white T-shirt in the whole wide world is “the Crew” by Hanes x Karla.

I know this title has been debated, tested and awarded before, but this is the Real It. I first saw it on my friend Gabby Katz, a tee-picky fashion publicist with a big chest — two important details because I, too, am a tee snob, with ample-enough sized boobs depending on my cycle or who you ask. Her shirt was everything I wanted it to be: fitted but not in a lame way, plenty of room at the sleeves (I hate tight short sleeves), a good high-neck (“good” meaning the less trite form of perfect, harder to argue because it’s less objective), the right length (right above a low hip, easy to tuck into a high waist), 100% cotton in that structured-but-not-stiff weight. The holy grail.

“I wanted a shirt that I saw on all the heroines in movies from Grace Kelly to Winona Ryder,” says celebrity stylist Karla Welch on the website for her seven-piece Hanes collaboration, which Justin Bieber also had a voice in, which I find hilarious. A Grace Kelly/Winona Ryder/Justin Bieber aesthetic is the look I am always going for, so I bought five. Then I couldn’t stop wearing it, panicked about the inevitable ruining of it and now can’t stop wondering if I should actually own 10.

In my 29th year of age, I have resolved to get rid of the things that don’t serve me: hole-y socks, jeans I hate, the entire drawer’s worth of tees that make me feel gross. I have sworn an oath to “get over” the whole “I wore the same thing yesterday” complex, and I have promised to accept that the outfit that generally makes me feel best is the plain vanilla “jeans and a tee.” This shirt — the one I have deemed as the ultimate best — is my first big step toward this goal. Imagine a world where I open up my drawer, reach my hand in for the perfect tee and don’t have to dig? That could be my reality. Each paycheck I could buy a few in bulk, like I once did to revamp my underwear drawer.

Still unclear if this is excessive or practical. All I know is that I love it so much I want to hug it, but I guess wearing it feels just as intimate.



For those in between days...

Uniqlo has the featherweight down coat, jacket or vest for you


We've got you covered...


Mix It Up - Velvet and Leather

Looking for something different to spruce your weekend night out, or plan ahead for holidays? Pair a velvet shirt with leather pants, or with a leather jacket and dark jeans. Change up accessories for multiple wears. Splurge with Rage and Bone (shown here), or find a deal at stores like Madewell with a simple velvet tunic.


Classy and Cool

Favorite combo for a night out or holidays - velvet and leather. Add lariat necklace or dangly earrings for sparkle.

A Salute to Military Jackets

Fall is the season when light jackets are a must – whether it's jean, suede or leather. One of our favorites this season is the heavy cotton military-style jacket, which is a perfect substitute for a jean jacket and looks fabulous with any of your favorite jeans. Add a scarf for extra warmth. This is not an item where you need to splurge.


Salute to Military

A jacket must-have for fall

Click photo to go right to Old Navy to purchase


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Boot Lovers Take Cover


Boot season is truly my favorite time of year and it seems that the selection of footwear just gets better and better. 

When looking for a boot, I try to aim for something stylish and comfortable because my primary goal is to be able to wear them with as many of my fall wardrobe as possible. 

Chunky knits, leggings, jeans, tunics & vests, I just love the layers and the colors with a pair of fun boots. 

After browsing through a my favorite internet fashion sites I found a few that represent this season's best: 


Biker Boots Still Rock

Invest in a pair that will work for years to come. Pair with your favorite jeans - skinny, boyfriend, distressed - or amp it up with tights and a skirt.

Audacious Iris

When you don't dress like everybody else, you don't have to think like everybody else. - Iris Apfel

When I think about someone whose attitude about style I most admire, I can easily point to Iris Apfel. 


Don't get me wrong, while I might not share her same sense of artistry,  I deeply admire her casual indifference to the rules of fashion.

Iris makes her own rules and bows only to the goddess within.
At 96 years old, she has an abundance of wisdom to share with the rest of us who long to set free our inner muse. 

Her life has been an audacious exercise of full self expression without apology.  Her wisdom and wit continue to inspire generations of women to use their bodies as a conduit for happiness, color, creativity and inspiration. 

You may enjoy this recent blog post from her visit to Newport Rhode Island this past summer and if you haven't seen the film, do yourself a huge favor and pass the popcorn! 

Closet Confessions

The closet should be a place of inspiration, not frustration.  



1. The Closet Hoarder

It's hard to let go. We get it.  But hanging on to fashions from era's past are only going to bog you down. You've got to think about recycling & reinvesting so that your closet can serve your purpose.  Getting rid of clothing you don't use can be great therapy, and selling it can offer you some cash toward filling in the holes of your wardrobe for new things you might want to add. If you are overwhelmed and don't know where to begin, that's where we come in. 

2. The Mono Closet

Many women make the mistake of purchasing the same color and the same styles.  We understand that comfort is a big factor when it comes to feeling good about your clothes but the longer you stay away from color and change is the longer you'll feel the wardrobe blah's.  Dressing should make you feel good and finding your own unique style is a great place to start. You don't have to dive into the deep end, but at least allow for some guidance.  Maybe it's time to work with someone who can ease you into a few new looks and bring a pop of color to your world. 

3.  The Closet Caper

Your closet should not feel like a mystery every time you venture in.  It's best to have an organized understanding and a method to your madness - even if your closet is small and cramped. Not only are there some great organizational tools to help you keep your space functional but there are also ways to map your closet that will give you easy access so you can always find what you are looking for. There's nothing worse than knowing you have the perfect outfit for the occasion if you could only find that belt... 

The best way to break the cycle of closet madness is to reach out and find a professional near you who can help you revise and revive your closet.

If you recognize yourself in any of the confessions above please reach out for a free phone consultation  Life is too short to stay locked in the closet!